Heads Up Behavioral Health Camp

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Heads Up Camp launches this summer and is designed for students interested in careers in the field of Behavioral Health. Students will explore a variety of career paths including social worker, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral health aides and other positions within the field. Students will learn about key topics in behavioral health including stress, abuse, addiction, bullying, suicide and mental health. In addition to career exploration, students will have the opportunity to earn a Youth Mental Health First Aid certificate by the end of the camp.

Heads Up Camp is being offered through the South Central Montana AHEC.  For questions, contact Natascha Robinson, 406-457-8048.

Anaconda, MT – October 19th - 6pm to October 21st - 12pm - Heads Up Camp in Anaconda will be hosted in partnership with the Community Hospital of Anaconda. The camp will be open to students in Anaconda and the surrounding areas. To apply, please fill out the application below.

UPDATE: Heads Up Camp in Anaconda has moved from August to Oct. 19th - 21st, during Teacher Conference days.

There is no fee for this camp.

Application for Anaconda camp