Pacific Northwest University (PNWU)


Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences educates and trains health care professionals emphasizing service among rural and medically underserved communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.  PNWU is cultivating health care professionals to serve the needs of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska. Over 79% of our students reside in the Northwest and almost half are from rural or medically underserved areas.
The College of Osteopathic Medicine is based in Yakima, in the heart of Central Washington characterized by medically underserved and rural populations. When its doors opened in 2008, it was the Pacific Northwest's first medical school in 60 years.
PNWU contracted with Western Montana AHEC, in 2013, to assist with placement of their 3rd  and 4th year osteopathic medical students.
2 PNWU Students in lab coats
Two students, Chelsie Thomas and Kimberlee Wing Quan, began their 3rd year core rotations in Kalispell with surgical rotations, July, 2016.