Faculty Training

IPE Lunch and Learn

This series of presentations exists to share the innovative interprofessional education activities that are happening on the campus of the University of Montana and beyond. We aim to have a productive sharing of ideas, successes, and solutions so as to inspire others to engage in IPE and facilitate collaborations. We will post scheduled presentations here and on our IPE calendar, and make available the presentations for those that would like to reference the information. If you have a topic you would like to share, please contact Dave Levison at david.levison@umontana.edu.

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things."

-Mother Theresa 


Presentations are hosted by the Interprofessional Education Work Group, part of the University of Montana's College of Health Professions & Biomedical Sciences, taking place in the Skaggs Building, room 117, on the University of Montana campus from 12:00-12:50.

Past Presentations:

February 7: Rob Stenger, MD, MPH, Creating Effective Teams in Health Care
March 7: School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences, Collaborations in IPE
March 30: Joe Gaugler, PhD, College of Nursing, University of Minnesota, Interprofessional Collaborations in Research and Teaching: Successes and Challenges
April 4: Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Simulation Lab - Lessons Learned - Plans for the Future

UMHM Interprofessional Education - Elective Offerings Fall 2017

"In the fall of 2016, I had the opportunity to take the AHHS 491 Inerprofessional Education Seminar. This class turned out to be a profound learning experience for me. I learned and worked alongside students and faculty from departments such as physical therapy, pharmacy, nursing, and medicine. Not only did I have the chance to learn about other healthcare professions in the context of interprofessional collaborative practice, but I came to understand with unique clarity the role of a professional social worker through my own research and through teaching others about the social work profession." - Melissa Kinyon, MSW student

AHHS 491/591 Interprofessional Education: A seminar course, 1 cr

This 1-credit interactive seminar course is designated to introduce students to interproessional concepts to aid in their understanding of effective health care teams functioning. Collaborative practice will be explored in the context of improving patient outcomes/experiences, health care organizational function while still being sensative to cost. The course meets twice monthly, every other Thursday starting 9/7/17 from 5:15 - 7:15 PM (491 CRN 73463, 591 CRN 73997)

AHHS 491 Wilderness Life Support, 2 cr

This fun and interactive course is open to 3rd year Physical Therapy and 3rd-4th year Pharmacy students. Training will be provided by an interprofessional team of AWLS-certified faculty, who will provide lectures and facilitate practice scenarios. The course concludes with the Advanced Wilderness Life Support certification exam. The training will be held at UM Birch Creek Center, north of Dillon on Sept 1-3, 2017. Additional fees for room, board, and certification are $400. Enrollment is limited. If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Bell (PT) or Kerry Haney (Pharmacy) for CRNs and more information.

AHHS 430 Health Aspects of Aging, 3 cr Online

An overview of the health aspects of aging, including biological theories of aging, normal physiological changes, common pathological problems, cultural and ethical differences in health of elders, health promotion and healthy aging, and the health care continuum of care for older persons. There is an online learning fee of $144 for this course. (CRN 72765)

PSYX 233 Fundamentals of Psychology of Aging, 3 cr Online

An overview of theories and research findings in the psychology of adulthood and aging. TR 9:30 - 10:50 am (CRN 71771), online section (CRN 71833) - There is an online learning fee of $144 for this section.

SW 455 Social Gerontology, 3 cr

Examination of the field of social gerontology, including an examination of the major bio/psycho/social/cultural/spiritual theories of aging, the service system, social and health issues, family and care giving dynamics, social policy, and end of life concerns. MW 11-12:20 pm (CRN 71852)

PSYX 348 Psych of Family Violence, 3 cr

Exploration of theoretical explanations for the presence of violence in American families; research and interventions in such areas as child physical and sexual abuse, battering of women, marital rape, spousal homicide, etc. Pre-requisite: PSYX 100S. TR 11:00-12:20 pm (CRN 71974)

PSYX 280 Fundamentals of Memory and Cognition, 3 cr

The acquisition and uses of knowledge. An examination of research and theories of human learning, memory, and thinking. Prerequisite PSYX 100S. TR 8:00 - 9:20 am (CRN 72733)

PUBH 525 Multicultural/Native American Public Health, 3 cr

This course is designed to provide general overview of multicultural issues within the United States and specifically within Montana. The course will provide overview information about health disparities within the nation and how these disparities disproportionately impact ethnic minority populations. (CRN TBD)