UMHM Interprofessional Education

Elective Offerings Fall 2018

AHHS 450/550  Interprofessional Collaborative Practice, 1 cr.
This course is designed to introduce students to IP concepts to aide in their understanding of effective health care team functioning.  Collaborative practice will be explored in the context of improving patient outcomes/experiences, health care organizational function  while still being sensitive to cost. An IP team of faculty facilitate the activities and discussions.  The course meets twice monthly, every other Thursdays starting 9/6/18 from 5:15 - 7:15 PM.  (CRNs TBA)

AHHS 491  Friday Morning Medical Conference, 1 cr.
This weekly presentation is provided locally at Providence Saint Patrick Hospital and streamed live to Skaggs 174.  A variety of relevant health care topics are presented by local, regional and national speakers.  Students attending will learn about a variety of concepts, medical approaches, and health-care related issues impacting health care practitioners in a variety of settings.  To receive credit for the course, a student must attend 10 sessions during the semester for a passing grade. The course meets weekly on Friday mornings from 7:30-8:50am.  (CRN 74863)

AHHS 430 Health Aspects of Aging, 3 cr. Online
An overview of the health aspects of aging including biological theories of aging,  normal  physiological changes, common pathological problems, cultural and ethic differences in health of elders, health promotion and healthy aging, and the health care continuum of care for older persons.    There is an online learning fee. (CRN 72550)

SW 455 Social Gerontology, 3 cr.
Examination of the field of social gerontology, including an examination of the major bio/psycho/social/cultural/ spiritual theories of aging, the service system, social and health issues, family and care giving dynamics, social policy, and end of life concerns.  MW 11-12:20pm (CRN 71737)

PSYX 233 Fundamentals of Psychology of Aging, 3 cr.
An overview of theories and research findings in the psychology of adulthood and aging. Offered both online and in classroom setting.  TR  9:30 - 10:50 am (CRN 71766), online section—additional online fees apply.  (CRN 71720)

PSYX 280 Fundamentals of Memory and Cognition, 3 cr.
The acquisition and uses of knowledge. An examination of research and theories of human learning, memory, and thinking. Prerequisite PSYX 100S.  TR 8:00 - 9:20 am (CRN 72733)

PSYX 348 Psych of Family Violence, 3 cr.
Exploration of theoretical explanations for the presence of violence in American families; research and interventions in such areas as child physical and sexual abuse, battering of women, marital rape,  spousal homicide, etc.  Prereq.:  PSYX 100S. TR 11:00 am-12:20 pm (CRN 71974)

PSYX 631 Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Health Psychology, 3 cr.
Prereq.; graduate standing in psychology or consent of the instructor.  Review of clinical research methodology in Behavioral medicine.  This course introduces the field of behavioral medicine/clinical health psychology.  The course facilitates basic understanding of prevalent physical/chronic illnesses that are encountered in general medical practice settings.  We discuss basic illness physiology as well as a range of psychological interventions that might be appropriate in particular patient populations. TR 8-9:20am (CRN 74568)

PUBH 525 Multicultural/Native American Public Health, 3 cr.
This course is designed to provide general overview of multicultural issues within the United States and specifically within Montana.  The course will provide overview information about health disparities within the nation and how these disparities disproportionately impact ethnic minority populations. There are additional program fees for graduate PH courses.  TR 11-12:20pm  (CRN 72538)

PUBH 530 Public Health Administration and Management, 3 cr.
Online Overview of public health and health care systems; organizational structures, functions, authorities, policies and procedures; programmatic budgeting, operations, and prioritizations; program performance reporting and improvement; grants and contracts; informatics; human relations and negotiation; management and leadership; and business planning.  There are additional online and program course fees.  (CRN 72176)

PUBH 560 Environmental and Rural Health, 3 cr.
Online In this course, students explore the relationship of people to their physical environment, how this relationship impacts health, and efforts to minimize negative health effects.  There are additional online/program course fees.  (CRN TBA)

PUBH 595 Public Health Communication and Advocacy, 3 cr.  Online
This course will provide students with the nuts and bolts of public communications and public advocacy as they relate to public health.  We will also develop skills in research translation, persuasive writing and argumentation, and strategies for being responsible, ethical and effective allies for vulnerable and disenfranchised communities.  There are additional online and program course fees.  (CRN 74228)