Journal Club

Journal Club (JC) is a weekly educational discussion group where members critically evaluate recent peer-reviewed articles. JC provides a collective effort to analyze literature, while promoting an understanding of research. Currently, there are approximately 85 members, plus several FMRWM Residents, and WWAMI Medical Students.

Where & When

The group meets year-round every first and third Thursday of the month. Located at St Patrick Hospital’s Meeting Room A/B, 730-815am.


Members present once yearly.

There are two presenters each week, with each providing one primary paper to present. The presentation should take no more than 10 minutes, leaving time for questions and discussion.

Articles should emphasize patient-oriented evidence that matters, or what are called POEMs.  Time to keep up with the literature is scarce, and the consensus is that we should spend what precious time we do have focusing on high quality studies that offer the greatest potential to help us deliver better care to patients.   For more information, please see the “Is it a POEM?” exercise on the Tufts University School of Medicine Teaching Materials web page.


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