AHEC Scholars Program

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The nationwide HRSA/AHEC branded certificate program to prepare and promote a diverse, skilled primary care workforce in rural and underserved communities.



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Would you like to be part of a group of progressive health professionals committed to academic excellence and the transformation of healthcare in Montana?

Are you wondering how to set yourself apart in an ever changing and increasingly competitive healthcare system?

If these questions speak to you, then the AHEC Scholars Program is what you are looking for. Scholars will develop new skills and are introduced to an interprofessional framework that will be crucial to improving health and healthcare.

  • AHEC Scholars is a nationally recognized certificate program that can set you apart.
  • The program emphasizes a team-based approach for healthcare.
  • AHEC Scholars coursework complements your existing coursework.

AHEC Scholars is a national program developed by the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration and state AHECs (National AHEC Organization). It is a program for health professions students interested in enhancing their skills in interprofessional practice in rural or underserved settings.

The AHEC Scholars Program will train scholars who will join a national cohort of approximately 3,900 scholars in 49 programs across the country. These programs are supported, in part, by the federally funded Health Resources and Services Administration.

Learn about the Montana AHEC Scholars program

Apply here to be an AHEC Scholar: http://healthinfo.montana.edu/ahec-scholars/application.html


Have questions about the program?  Contact the AHEC Scholars leadership team:

join a national cohort of approximently 3,900 scholars in 49 programs across the country